The debate about livestock will never be the same again.

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"I strongly recommend "Letter to a Vegetarian Nation" to everyone concerned with global mounting biodiversity loss, poverty, social breakdown and violence resulting from land degradation blamed on livestock. Sheldon points out unarguably that it is our reductionist management to blame, and not the innocent animals caught in the crossfire. Livestock are simply tools, and only a poor workman blames his tools! The needed healing can begin as soon as the public recognizes this."
-Allan Savory, founder of Holistic Management

"From COWSPIRACY to the U.N. LONG SHADOW REPORT, modern day scientific orthodoxy demonizes domestic livestock--especially cattle--as the devil incarnate. What if someone studying education chose to visit the worst teacher in the worst classroom in the worst school in the worst school division of the country to determine if education is valuable? The scientific demonizers and prejudicial movie-makers have done just that with regards to livestock. "Letter To A Vegetarian Nation" studies the historical template for ecological health and then opens up the science and practices that use domestic livestock to heal the environment. Further, this little ebook gives links to foundational information and encourages everyone--farmer, rancher, consumer--to join the land healing ministry. On this topic, this quick-reading, info-dense treatise is as good as it gets. Get it now!"
-Joel Salatin, author and farmer at Polyface Farm.

“Despite eating a meatless/dairyless diet myself, this book is extremely difficult to refute. I highly suggest that anyone interested in environmental issues - veg or not - give it a read and learn about regenerative agriculture.”
- Ryan Brownrigg

“Sensible solutions for sequestering carbon and restoring equilibrium to our ailing ecosystems. It is well researched and presented without the usual hyperbole and drama often found in the “latest answer” to the challenges we face. Provides excellent, rational arguments refuting the prevailing dogma from the vegetarian/vegan proponents with numerous historical and current examples. Quite accessible writing style, short illustrated chapters backed up with reference links, tables and photographs… As a practicing student of permaculture, retired small holding farmer I believe with this knowledge we can recreate manageable harmony with Gaia’s ecosystems by following this pattern. Recommended for anyone working the land, growing food and concerned about the future.”
Clive Michael

An excellent and clear explanation of how the only kind of farming of animals most civilised people know of, namely the abomination that is intensive industrial totalitarian factory farming, is not the only kind. There is a fundamentally different kind, one in which the animals are able to express themselves and behave naturally and eat natural food and simultaneously contribute to rebuilding soils, improving water retention abilities in the soil, sequester carbon, and produce healthy food as well.
- A.C.Sevestre-Stadhouder

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After reading this book you will have a more in-depth and clear understanding of soil science, regenerative agriculture, and livestock management than the vast majority of humanity!

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Corn when properly managed livestock are integrated.
Corn when properly managed livestock are integrated.